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Summertime is finally here, you know what the means?

Beach trips, flip flops, swimming, refreshing cocktails, and protein glue? That’s right folks, protein glue also known as hide glue or animal glue.

For all of our protein glue customers it’s important to keep an eye on your adhesive during the warm months. The heat and humidity can cause the protein glue to go through big changes.

Not to worry though, LD Davis has 6 helpful tips and tricks for you to ensure you have a successful summer with your glues.

Tip #1: Apply less glue

Yes, we are actually telling you to apply less glue. In the heat, hide glue sometimes takes longer to dry/set. By applying a thinner layer of glue, it will need less time to dry and still be able to provide you with the proper adhesion you expect from your glue products.

Tip #2: Lower the temperature of the glue

By lowering the temperature, this will help the glue set faster.

Tip #3: Keep all facility doors closed

It’s important to block out the humidity and heat as much as possible. By keeping the doors closed in your facility, it will help block those two things out.

Tip #4: Slow down the machine

Same as tip #2, by slowing down the machine, it gives the glue more time to set.

Tip #5: Keep unglued substrates in climate controlled location

The less exposed to heat and humidity the better. This will help prevent the substrates from getting warped.

Tip #6: If you can, keep those fans blowing over the machines

The cooler everything is kept in the summertime, the better results you will have.

We hope these tips and tricks help you out for the summertime, but if you need additional assistance, please call us! We’ll talk you through any troubleshooting.

Enjoy the summer!

Download: Free Protein Glue Troubleshooting Guide

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