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L.D. Davis manufactures a wide variety of adhesive to fit your needs. We have so many different kinds of glue to offer we figured we'd use our blog as a space to put a focus on one kind of adhesive at a time. After all, our goal is to educate and inform our readers, not to overwhelm with a laundry list of our products. Today's post puts a product spotlight on hide glue.


Hide Glue

Hide glue is also known as animal glue, protein glue or technical gelatin.

It is extracted from the hides and bones of pigs and cattle. This protein is called gelatin, and it is also processed in different ways to make it acceptable for human consumption.

Food-grade gelatin is found in popular brands like Jell-O and certain types of candy. The gelatin we use in our adhesive production is called technical gelatin, which is the industrial grade version.Since the 1970's, the gelatin used in hide glue is more commonly made from recycled scraps of hard cap and soft gel netting from pharmaceutical companies.

 Hide Glue Facts

The hide glue we manufacture is also sometimes referred to as "cake glue" because it is manufactured in a cake form that must be melted before application (pictured above).

Hide glue is totally water-soluble, non-toxic, and biodegradable, making it a very environmentally-friendly adhesive. In addition, we recycle scraps of both hard capsules and soft gel netting from pharmaceutical companies to make our hide glue; helping the environment by utilizing their waste products.


Hide glue is usually applied using a wheel, roller, or pad. It is commonly found in:

Take a look to behind the scenes in our plant! 

 Video: Hide Glue Production in our Plant

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